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Hemp protein contains up to 50% full-value complex plant proteins, even comparable to animal sources - it has more than 90% digestibility. This is mainly due to the absence of trypsin inhibitors, an unusually balanced ratio of all 8 essential amino acids in the plant kingdom (it otherwise contains all 20), which allow for the full incorporation of proteins. Cannabis protein metabolism does not burden the kidneys in the same way as animal sources. An excellent source of protein for all vegetarian and vegan athletes. In addition, it is a source of B vitamins (especially vitamin B1, niacin, vitamin B6, folic acid) as well as minerals such as iron, magnesium, copper, manganese, zinc, phosphorus, potassium. Unlike conventional high-protein preparations for athletes obtained by chemical isolation (using caproic solvents - soy) or thermal extraction (whey), SUM hemp protein obtained cold from hemp seeds after oil pressing is only a gentle grinding and sieving process. Therefore, our cannabis protein is still 100% Raw - or a live (raw) diet, suitable for vitarians. In addition, it naturally contains enough fiber, which keeps the digestive tract in good condition.

It provides an excellent source of first-class protein, which will be appreciated especially by all those who physically work, whether they train regularly or even occasionally play sports. Protein is needed for building, maintaining and regenerating muscle mass as well as for healthy bone development. Especially during exercise or sport there is an increased need for protein if we do not supply their body (eg by eating or breaking a protein sheik immediately after sport or exercise), the body paradoxically starts using proteins from our muscles instead of fat, because they are for the liver more easily accessible. Therefore, many people with a view to losing weight, who keep a diet during sports, do not lose fat, but rather muscles. Hemp protein is suitable for people with various allergies to other protein sources such as gluten, casein (milk protein) or soy protein or eggs.


How to consume HEMP PROTEIN?
It is best to mix in a shaker with water or a liquid such as rice, oat milk or fruit or vegetable juice. You can sweeten with honey, fruit sugar, date or agave syrup. If you want, you can taste cocoa, cinnamon, vanilla, etc. The so-called smoothies are also excellent, ie thick sheikhs, which you create by mixing with fruit or vegetables, or adding liquid or milk as needed and the desired density of the sheikh. Of course, up to 20-30% by weight can be added to yoghurts, porridges, muesli, sauces, spreads, flour during baking or cooking.

Depending on the activity performed, an adult should take approximately 1-1.5 g of protein per 1 kg of body weight per day, but can use up to a maximum of 20 g of protein once. A large part of protein is covered by our diet. If we use protein as a supplement to quality proteins, it is enough for an adult as a single dose of about 30 g of protein powder into a liquid (or even into yogurt, mix with fruit, etc.) 1-5 times a day. Ideal in the morning as part of breakfast or instead of one meal a day mixed with fruits or vegetables (eg on reduction diets). If we use it for training, sports or physical work, depending on the intensity of activity and weight of the individual, it is recommended to take about 1 dose (30g) before and 1-2 doses (30-60g) immediately after training or exercise. Before endurance sports, it is better to sweeten the protein more so that the body has enough energy. Of course, using sugar to sweeten is absolutely inappropriate, and it doesn't matter if it's dark or cane. Instead, use natural sweeteners such as honey, maple or agave syrup, fructose or glucose, fruit juices, etc. The popular stevia protein sweetens, but does not provide energy, so it is more suitable for strength sports. If you mix protein powder in rice, oat or almond milk, you do not have to sweeten, because these drinks are naturally sweet due to the enzymatic production process (ie if you buy 100% vegetable milk without sweeteners).

Compare for yourself. Our protein has a beautiful green color, soft, a little sweet, a little grassy, ​​but the typical hemp taste, which is easy to get used to, a lot of people taste immediately. It is not bitter, bitter or pungent. A typical manifestation of poor quality or old hemp protein is a brown or gray-yellow color, a musty or bitter taste that remains in the mouth. Do not use such a protein. Apparently it was made from seeds of low quality, poorly dried, etc. By buying our protein you have 100% certainty of the highest quality!

Nutritional information: (Average nutritional values ​​per 100g of product)

Energy value: 1650Kj / 400Kcal
Protein: 50g
Carbohydrates: 23g (of which: Carbohydrates: 4g, Fiber: 18g / 72% *)
Fats: 11g (of which: Trans: 0; Saturated: 1g, Monounsaturated (Omega-9): 1g, Polyunsaturated: 9g of which: Omega-6: 6.5g, Omega-3: 2.5g)
Cholesterol: 0, Sodium 0
Vitamins: B1: 100% *, B3 70% *, B6 80% *, B9 (folic acid) 100% *
Minerals & Trace Elements: Iron 160% *, Magnesium 300% *, Zinc 130% *, Copper 110% *, Phosphorus 160% *, Potassium 37% *
* Recommended daily allowances

Ingredients: 100% * Bio Raw hemp protein powder uncooked (live food = raw) with 50% protein. * Bio = from organic farming