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Kras Nougat Wafer 38g
Kras Nougat Wafer 38g Sale price€0.80
Mr. Riley French Fries 35g
Mr. Riley French Fries 35g Sale price€0.90
Mr. Riley Party Time 25g
Mr. Riley Party Time 25g Sale price€0.90
Sunshine Snacks Gobblers Cheese & Onion 35g
Sunshine Snacks Blisters Salt & Vinegar 40g
Sunshine Snacks Krips Salt & Vinegar 30g
Sunshine Snacks Popcorn White Cheddar Cheese 55g
Sunshine Snacks Popcorn Salted 35g
Jungle Sticks 45g
Jungle Sticks 45g Sale price€0.80
Tastees Bacon 50g
Tastees Bacon 50g Sale price€0.80
Twistees Cheesy 50g
Twistees Cheesy 50g Sale price€0.80
Doritos Tex-Mex Cheese 44g
Doritos Tex-Mex Cheese 44g Sale price€1.30
Pringles Prawn Cocktail Crisps 165g
Pringles Cheese & Onion Crisps 165g
Pringles Paprika Crisps 40g
Pringles Paprika Crisps 40g Sale price€1.30
Orbit Gum Strawberry 14g
Orbit Gum Strawberry 14g Sale price€1.10
Orbit Gum White Classic 14g
Orbit Gum White Classic 14g Sale price€1.10
Orbit Gum Green Spearmint 14g
Haribo Maoam Bloxx 1pc
Haribo Maoam Bloxx 1pc Sale price€0.40
Mentos Rainbow Roll 37.5g
Mentos Rainbow Roll 37.5g Sale price€1.00
Mentos Mint Roll 38g
Mentos Mint Roll 38g Sale price€1.00
Mentos Fruit Roll 38g
Mentos Fruit Roll 38g Sale price€1.00
Mentos Fanta 37.5g
Mentos Fanta 37.5g Sale price€1.00
Loacker Wafer Classic Vanilla 45g
Loacker Wafer Classic Napolitaner 45g
Mr.Tom Peanut Bar 40g
Mr.Tom Peanut Bar 40g Sale price€0.70
Tunnock's Caramel Log 32g
Tunnock's Caramel Log 32g Sale price€0.60
Bacos Bacon 25g
Bacos Bacon 25g Sale price€1.10
Lorenz Studentenfutter Special 175g
Lorenz Studentenfutter Original 175g
Lorenz Studentenfutter Extra 175g
Kellogg's 8 Variety Packs
Kellogg's 8 Variety Packs Sale price€5.00
Tal-Furnar Galletti with ‘Gbejniet Tal-Bzar’ Flavour 60g
Tal-Furnar Galletti with Rosemary & Onion 70g
Tal-Furnar Galletti Traditional Water Crackers 70g
Tal-Furnar Galletti with Sea Salt & Cracked Pepper 70g
Trolli Sour Strips Mix 85g
Trolli Sour Strips Mix 85g Sale price€1.50
Hot Shots Paw Patrol Sauer Ufos 39g
Mentos Mini Fruit Mix 10.5g (1pc)
Swizzels Giant Love Hearts 39g
Halls Extra Strong 33.5g
Halls Extra Strong 33.5g Sale price€1.10
Halls Fruit Flavor Mix Colors 33.5g
Halls Lime Fresh 33.5g
Halls Lime Fresh 33.5g Sale price€1.10
Biscolata Mood Milk Chocolate 115g
Loacker Tortina Dark Chocolate 21g
Loacker Tortina Original Milk Chocolate 21g
Loacker Wafer Classic Cremkakao 45g
Loacker Wafer Classic Alpine Milk 45g
Loacker Wafer Classic Peanut Butter 45g
Cizmeci Time Superroll Hazelnut 15g